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In the first time i joined with Siemens Indonesia, Communication division, i have given some description about what to do in my work. Honestly,at the first time i was realy really confused about this job. I didnt know what is the MSC,VLR, HLR, GMSC, STP etc. After for about 1 year, i have a little understand about what this job a like..hehe, very long time ya to understand!. And Now i have been understood, so i can describe it in order to eneasy some of you to understand/know about this job. My work position is in the CS Core Network/Network Switching area. As we know that

GSM technology (2G ) System has four subsystem, namely:

  • MS (Mobile Subsystem, refers to Handset + SIM Card)
  • BSS (Base Station Subsystem)
  • NSS (Network Switching Subsystem)/ Core Network (CN)
  • OSS (Operation and Support Subsystem)

the Core Network (CN) of a 2G Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) or a 3G UMTS network consist of two domain, Packet Switched (PS) domain and Circuit Switched Domain . Whether in 2G and 3G phase, the CN plays an essential role in the mobile network system to provide such important capabilities as mobility management, call and session control, switching and routing, charging and billing, and security protection.

The CN is logically classified into the circuit switched domain (CS) and packet switched domain (PS). The CS domain includes such logical NEs as MSC Server, MGW, Visitor Location Register (VLR) integrated in MSC Server physically, Home Location Register (HLR), Authentication Center (AUC), and Equipment Identity Register (EIR). The packet switched domain (PS) includes Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) and Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN). More specifically, PS domain consists of data service NEs: SGSN and GGSN as well as auxiliary NEs like Charging Gateway (CG), Border Gateway (BG) and Domain Name System Server (DNS), and different service platforms attached to PS domain.

So because my domain in CS, there are many equipment representative such as MSC (Mobile Switching Center), VLR (Visitor Location Register), HLR (Home Location Resister), EIR (Equipment Identity Register) etc. This Equipments are open system, its meant every vendor (Manufacturer/Producer of the equipment) can make the equipment that could connect to other system. For Siemens equipment of MSC’s name is D900/1800, Nokia is DX 200 and Ericcson is AXE. My specialties are in MSC/VLR,GMSC, HLRc and STP Siemens Equipment.

Summary of my Work:

• Independently carries out installation and/or commissioning and/or integration of MSC SIEMENS R99 (D900/1800) CS CORE activities.
• Network expansion activities. SW maintenance activities such as installation & test of technical/change notes /change deliveries.
• Technical/customer acceptance testing. Technical support tasks including fault diagnosis and troubleshooting within own competence area.
• Participates in fault management and/or help-desk activities.
• Participates in emergency support activities.
• Provides support for complex technical activities such a SW upgrades and technical audits.
• On-site support at customers premises where participates network operation service (NOS), where applicable. Planning and running a subproject, limited scope.
• Feedback and co-ordination with Network Planning.
• Experience in maintaining MSC SIEMENS R99 CS CORE equipments
• Some experience in communicating with different groups/teams.
• Capability to Provide first line & second line maintenance (technical support) for the NSS (Switching Core) equipments during the Network Operations Phase.
• Capability to Correct NSS faults and performance degradations in the managed network
• Responsible to be involved in the development and implementation of O&M processes
• Responsible for co-operating with the technical support of 3rd party equipment
• Responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of all circuit core switching equipments, Problems solved or escalated to the correct group/team, NSS network elements downtimes decreased, NSS network element quality improved
• Involved in software upgrades and correction updates to switching elements.

And some description of the work are:

1. Commissioning :

  • MSC, SN with MUXA & MUXB
  • MSC, SN with MUXB
  • HLRc
  • Integrasi new MSC
  • Integrasi new HLRc

2. Migration :

  • Forward Migration (HLRc-HLRi)
  • Backward Migration (HLRi-HLRc)
  • Migration HLRc – HLRc

3. Expansion :

  • LTG expansion
  • DLU
  • LIC

4. Link Expansion :

  • Narrowband
  • HSL

5. SN expansion/Upgrade :

  • DE52-DE62
  • DE52-DE63
  • DE62-DE63
  • DE63-DE64

6. Flashing :

  • MB-D
  • MATM
  • MATC
  • MUXB

7. Software change :

  • Patch release
  • STP SW Upgrade
  • Feature release

8. Recovery :


9. Tools :

  • Fitt (SN-D)
  • K15
  • Connection Trace
  • MCR Decoder
  • RESOLVE (Trouble Ticket)
  • Wireshark

10. Symptoms Collection :

  • CP symptoms
  • MP symptoms

That’s all, may be is there any one to add?

Bringing up MSC/Commissioning

Bringing up MSC/Commissioning

checking optical cable on Backplane

checking optical cable on Backplane

Rack of MSC

Rack of MSC

Module on Frame

Module on Frame

Module on frame

Module on frame

in front of Rack of MSC Siemens

in front of Rack of MSC Siemens

in front of MSS (MSC for 3G R4)


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  1. wih… bentuk MSC Siemens ternyata gak jauh beda sama Nortel dan Huawei ya..?
    salam kenal mas,

  2. Hello
    I am a student of ict
    Photographs from GMSC
    , VLR, ELR
    The mobile phone
    Please send the pictures to my email
    I live in Iran
    Thank you

  3. Hi..

    i like it and your detail is very helpful for me.
    So, i got little understanding about IN, MSC, VLS, HLR.


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