How To Stay Positive

In some situations it is quite hard to stay positive but you can definitely learn how to keep your positivity. There are some actions you can take to be able to remain positive no matter what situation you are facing. Firstly it is important to understand that when you stay positive all the time, you always keep your vibration high. This means that you will attract only positive events and people into your life.

Therefore as soon as you notice that your state of mind changes to negative, you should try as much as you can to raise your mood. The actions below will help you stay positive no matter where you are or what you do. Some of them may not be suitable for you, so you should only pick the ones that feel just right.

Actions to take to stay positive

Meditate. Meditation always raises mood because during meditation you let go of all thoughts. Because only thoughts cause your emotional reaction, without thoughts you naturally raise your vibration very high and therefore become positive.

Selectively focus. Focus only on things you want to see in your life. When you give undivided attention to something, it will manifest in your reality very quickly. Therefore you should only give your attention to positive events, people or things.

Appreciate. If you find yourself gradually becoming negative, you should focus on something that you are grateful for. It can be anything that you have and like. It can be your health, your body, clothes, home, car – anything that you are grateful for.

Appreciation always raises your vibration because being grateful is a positive state of mind.

Visualise. Visualisation lets you create in your mind whatever experience you want to have. It gives you total control over every happening taking place.

It also keeps your mood very high and lets you experience positive events in the future. Those future positive events will be the manifestations of your undivided focus to the picture created in your mind.

Listen to your favourite music. This activity instantly makes you positive because music that you like has a certain vibration that is able to raise your mood.

Stay in the present. Try to become conscious of the present moment rather than always thinking about something.

You are always living in present, but sometimes you are so involved in your thinking that you are projecting yourself to the future or the past, therefore you miss the conscious acknowledgement of the present moment.

By choosing to be in the present and not thinking about anything, you will be able to relax and find happiness in where you are now. This will let you rest from your mind and put yourself in into a more positive state of mind.

By staying in the present you will learn to appreciate what you currently have instead of always wanting to be somewhere else or have something you do not possess at this moment.

Do not eat meat. Meat has certain negative energy because of the feelings animals have before they are slaughtered. Therefore when you eat meat you get that negativity. It is very usual for people after eating meet to feel upset, depressed or angry.

Eat fruit and vegetables The less processed the food, the better you will feel after eating it. Therefore fresh fruit and vegetables are the best food choices there are.

However, if you have been eating junk food all your life, you cannot just jump from your current choice to this new one. That would be too much for you.

You can gradually transition from unhealthy to healthy food. During this process you will notice great health benefits you will get from the change in your diet. You will also be able to stay positive for increasing amounts of time.

Be around positive people. Try to only be surrounded by positive people, and avoid negative people at all costs.

Sometimes it is hard to avoid conversations with negative people, but you should never give your full attention to such people. They have the tendency to drain and upset others.

Take care of your body. When you are healthy, you feel great. So you should always make sure that everything is okay with your body.

When you look after yourself you always feel good because you have more confidence in yourself and you are happy to see the results of your body care.


Sometimes it may be hard to stay positive but if you fall into your old habits and give up being positive, you will cause many negative manifestations occur in your life. Therefore it is very important to stay positive no matter how deeply negative you feel at the moment.

Negativity never serves you, it only makes things worse.

When you get into the habit of reaching for more positive thoughts whenever you are about to get negative, soon this will come naturally.

You will no longer need to put effort in this action because it will become your habit. This way you will remain completely positive no matter what situation you are facing.



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