Emotional Intelligence

goleman_model.63115632In every field, your EQ (emotional quotient) is 2 times as important as your cognitive abilities.

Almost 90% of success in leadership is attributable to EQ. Just because someone is deemed ‘intellectually’ intelligent, it does not necessarily follow they are emotionally intelligent. Having a good memory, or good problem-solving abilities, does not mean you are capable of dealing with emotions or of motivating yourself.
Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to understand your own emotions and those of people around you. The concept of emotional intelligence means you have a self-awareness that enables you to recognize feelings and helps you manage your emotions.
On a personal level, it involves motivation and being able to focus on a goal rather than demanding instant gratification. A person with a high emotional intelligence is also capable of understanding the feelings of others. Culturally, they are better at handling relationships of every kind.
Source: Shuktij.com

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