Scenario Upgrade SON6 STP Core Banjarmasin

Setelah melewati day-0 dan day-1, akhirnya sampai ke intinya kerjaan upgrade walaupun pada day-1 ada beberapa masalah sewaktu diagnose ASN. Berikut sekenario upgrade yang dilakukan mulai dari day-0 sampai day-2 :

Day-0 :

1. Import Script

2. Diagnose LIC : No problem found

3. Diagnose ASN : ASN 2 and 3 found message not testable while diagnose.

4. TAC3 confirm that message not testable is not mayor problem and upgrade SON6 can be continued.

Day-1 :

1. Diagnose MP : We begin at 18:WITT and no problem found.

Day-2 :

1. Preparation : Performed by Telkomsel Staff, Tap K15 in STPBJM1-STPBJM2, STPBJM1-STPSBY1

2. Copygen to MDD and MO

3. Display status of SSNC (Healthy Check of SSNC)

4. Back up to MDD Spare (this MDD is hand carried by me from JKT hehe..)

  • Conf MDD existing side 1 to LOCK then unplug
  • Insert MDD spare then UNLOCK
  • Conf MDD spare to LOCK state then unplug (Now MDD spare contain GEN STPBJM1)
  • Insert again MDD existing to UNLOCK

5. Building GEN V6 and Validation

6. Split SSNC (We begin at 21:00 WITT)

7. Healthy check of SSNC (Disp status of SSNC)

8. Cut Over (down time : 0-60 second) (Begin at 01:00 WITT)

9. Healthy Check (Display of SSNC)

10. Perform Test Call

11. Merging MP

Upgrade SON6 STP BJM1 was performed succesfully…


In case fall back, Telkomsel will take decision as follow :

1. CNO to reroute traffic to STP SBY1

2. Perform Loadrec-3 (down time 45 minutes)

3. Health Check STPBJM1

4. Reroute traffic back to STP BJM1.


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